Healthy Eating Habits Are Formed Through Right Intentions & Practice

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Nourish by HASIKO is all about looking after yourself from the inside out. We want you to take a mindful approach towards eating which starts with knowledge and awareness not sacrifice and guilt. While this is not a diet or calorie-controlled meal plan, we do care about the science-backed benefits of food and nutrition which is why we teamed up with top London-based nutritionist, Rose Glover. If you are armed with WHY you are eating certain foods and avoiding others then it’s much easier for new neural pathways to be created in your brain, creating healthy habits for the future. It’s also very easy to get in a rut with regards to meals, especially when you’re busy or feeling lazy, which is why we have made it easier for you to be prepared and organised with 28 days’ worth of delicious recipes and shopping lists.



  • Receive 28 days worth of delicious and nutritious recipes designed by a top London nutritionist covering Sources of Omega-3, inflammatory Spices, Superfoods and Wholefoods
  • Insightful articles from our top London-based nutritionist on the science backed benefits of diet and nutrition to enhance your wellbeing
  • Shopping lists and meal plans for each week so you are fully prepared and organised


NOURISH by HASIKO is perfect for you if:

  • You believe in the power of food and want to know that you are getting the most nutritional value from your food.
  • Your current recipe repertoire has become boring or stale and you’re looking for inspiration.
  • You want to know WHY it’s important to include health foods into your diet.
  • You would like to become more organised in the kitchen.
  • You are not interested counting calories but wish to build a healthy and knowledge-based relationship with food.
  • You want to eat a healthy balanced diet to support your health and prevent diseases longer term.
  • You want to have more fun in the kitchen using new ingredients and learning how to make them into tasty and delicious meals.




  • Simply sign up for the program, choose a start date and log into the platfrom to download your recipes and shopping lists.
  • You will have unlimited and lifetime access to all the content via our course platform, so you always have access to the plan
  • There’s a 28 day calendar that makes it easy for you to follow the program
  • You will also get PROJECT HASIKO as part of the program!

Course Outline

Set yourself up for success with a Prep your Pantry Grocery List for dry ingredients so you only need to buy fresh ingredients week by week.  




7 days of recipes and shopping list related to OMEGA-3 fats 

OMEGA 3 FATS: Are You Getting Enough?

  • Signs you’re not getting enough OMEGA-3 fats in your diet
  • Why OMEGA-3 fats are important
  • Sources of OMEGA-3 fats
  • The impact of OMEGA-6 fats

A Guide to Eating Out

  • Tips on how to stick to your goals
  • What to order and avoid
  • How to make the menu work for you



7 days of recipes and shopping list related to Anti-inflammatory Spices 

Anti-Inflammatory Spices

  • What are the top 5 anti-inflammatory spices to include in your diet
  • Why they are beneficial
  • How to use them

A Guide To Supplements

  • Do you need to take supplements?
  • What supplements are
  • Uses and functions of vitamins and minerals
  • How best to get each vitamin and mineral from food



7 days of recipes and shopping list related to Whole Foods 

Whole-Foods less sugar

  • What is sugar
  • Understanding the impact of sugar
  • Alternatives to sugar
  • Tips to keep sugar in-take low and blood sugar levels balanced

Stress & Diet 

  • Different phases of stress (General Adaptation Syndrome)
  • How caffeine, sugar and alcohol impact stress
  • Which nutrients are important in supporting your adrenal glands and immune system to fight stress



7 days of recipes and shopping list related to Whole Foods 


  • Are they worth the hype?
  • What are the top superfoods and what nutrients do they contain?
  • How do you use them?
  • Covers maca, baobab, lucuma, cacao, garlic, olive oil, acai, kale, green tea and quinoa

Top Foods for Energy Performance

  • Could nutritional deficiencies be hijacking your energy?
  • Which foods are good for sustained and even energy levels?

What people say about HASIKO

  • Nourish by HASIKO helped me become more organised in the kitchen!
  • I learned so much about why I should include certain foods. All these little things add up over time!

About Rose Glover

London-based Rose is passionate about using food to feel good and empowering you to take care of yourself by making informed, delicious and nutritious food choices that will get you glowing from the inside out! She currently runs a nutritional consultancy in London which guides, encourages and supports mostly women in their own journeys towards health. 


Rose is a fully qualified nutritionist with a degree in Nutritional Therapy from The University of Westminster. She is also a member of the British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT). Before studying nutrition, she trained and worked as an actress in London, New York and Los Angeles.


Cultivate Nourishing Eating Habits That Will Serve You For Life



Frequently Asked Questions

When should I start the program?

You decide when you want to start. 

For Project HASIKO you can choose to start any date at least 1 day after you have purchased the program.

For Nourish by HASIKO recommend starting on a Sunday and giving yourself time to prepare the ingredients. 

How is the program delivered?

Everything is available online. All you need is an Internet connection to your device. You can choose to download the content onto your phone, tablet or computer. You can even print out any recipes, articles or shopping lists.

I have special dietary requirements – is Nourish by HASIKO suitable?

Nourish by HASIKO can be adjusted for dairy free and gluten free diets for both the vegetarian and non-vegetarian meal plans. Unfortunately, we cannot cater to every single dietary requirement, if you are concerned then please sign up for the trial before purchasing.

What is the program schedule?
Nourish by HASIKO contains recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner for 28 days organised into weekly topics. It’s best to start on a Sunday so you can bulk prepare the lunches from Monday to Friday and anything else that needs to be prepared in advance for the week.

Will I lose weight?

Nourish by HASIKO does not proclaim to be a diet nor do we control portion sizes or count calories, our focus is on educating you to build a healthy relationship with nutrient rich food that does not sacrifice on flavour. 

What if I have to eat out or have a special occasion?

We understand that you may not be able to follow the recipe plans everyday. Feel free to skip that meal BUT remember to remove the ingredients from the shopping lists. 

What level of cooking skills do I need?

We recommend that you are comfortable in the kitchen,  if you are concerned about starting the program for any reason, then please sign up for the trial before purchasing.

Where can I find the ingredients?

Some of the ingredients might not be available in your local supermarket but most should be available at your local health food store. 

Where can I find the ingredients?

Some of the ingredients might not be available in your local supermarket but most should be available at your local health food store. 

What happens at the end of the program?

You have lifetime access to the content. We will be launching more delicious recipe plans soon.  

What if the program does not meet my needs?

If you start the program and find that it does not meet your needs, then please contact us within 7 days for a refund. We strongly recommend you do the trial in advance. 

More questions?

Please contact us at contact@hasiko.co if you have any questions not answered here.

Can I do this course if I have a medical condition?

None of our courses are meant as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, for which you should consult a medical professional. Please seek medical advice if you’re unsure about any health concerns and starting a new exercise program

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