Our mission is to help you build a strong foundation of well-being that enables you to flourish through the ups and downs of life.
People tell us that HASIKO is unlike anything they have experienced before. The impact of HASIKO lies in the sense of strength, clarity and calmness that lasts beyond the practice and the program.


What does HASIKO mean?


HASIKO means new beginnings. We believe that every moment is a fresh opportunity to start again.


Why is "new beginnings" significant?


We believe that every day is a new beginning with new potential. That’s our mindset and our approach to life. Wherever you are in terms of your health, stress levels or well-being, every moment gives you the opportunity to take small steps, no matter how insignificant they may seem, to a healthier, happier and more stress-resilient you.


What is the 28-day Stress Resilience Program?


This program is designed to enhance your physical and emotional resilience to stress. Comprising three vital elements for a strong foundation of well-being – movement, meditation and a process of self-inquiry, you will strengthen and nourish your mind, body and spirit over 28 days.


Each day, you will receive an email personally written by our founders that gets you to reflect on various topics around well-being and understanding yourself better. The email will also give you your action for the day and a link to the program. You will be doing the HASIKO FLOW three times a week. Each week will be progressively more challenging than the last as you cultivate a strong body and still mind.


What is the HASIKO FLOW?


The HASIKO FLOW is a 60-minute resilience building practice that combines movement and meditation. It is designed to build your physical and emotional resilience, so you finish each practice feeling strong, at peace, and with the ability to move through your day in an open and calm state of mind.


1st 20 minutes - Strengthen your body: A high-intensity low-impact full-body strength sequence that builds muscular and core strength in a balanced way. It also releases endorphins and any pent up energy in your body.


2nd 20 minutes - Stretch and release tension: A deep stretching sequence that lengthens your muscles and opens up your body, releasing tension.


Final 20 minutes - Meditate into a calm and centred state: A guided meditation that brings your mind and body into a deep state of relaxation. 


Is HASIKO a Yoga or Pilates class?


We understand your confusion around this. People tell us it’s hard to describe our class because it’s not like anything they’ve ever done before.


The HASIKO FLOW was created by combining elements of various movement methods, including Yoga and Pilates, that the founders found helped them be healthier and be at their best. Through their personal experience, working with various clients, and having numerous people experience the HASIKO FLOW, they found that moving the mind and body regularly through the HASIKO FLOW sequence results in a strong body and still mind. People who practised the HASIKO FLOW felt physically stronger, less stressed, and moved through their day with a clearer and calmer state of mind. Don't take our word for it. Try it for yourself!


What do I need for the HASIKO FLOW?


A quiet space where you won’t be disturbed as this is about you reconnecting with yourself. You just need a yoga mat and a block would be useful for support during the stretching part. For the guided meditation you may find your body temperature drops, so a blanket or jumper to put over you. An eye mask or small towel would help block out any lights so you can relax even more.


Where can I do the HASIKO FLOW?


The HASIKO FLOW is a practice designed to be done anywhere and anytime. It’s also an integral part of our 28-day Stress Resilience Program. Once you have signed up for the program, you get lifetime access to 6 HASIKO FLOW practices.


We also run pop-up events globally. Follow our FB page to stay informed of upcoming events. We can also run private classes for more information contact us at contact@hasiko.co.  


How often should you do the HASIKO FLOW?


We recommend that you do the HASIKO FLOW at least three times a week and ideally in the morning so that you start your day calm, focused and grounded. Having said that, it's best to find a time that works for your lifestyle and schedule. Consistency is the most important!


I’ve never meditated before, can I do the HASIKO FLOW?


Absolutely! The guided meditation in the HASIKO FLOW has been designed for everyone, whether you are a seasoned meditator or a beginner. It’s also done lying down on your back, which makes it more comfortable and easier for you to relax. A lot of people new to meditation have told us that they really enjoy the guided meditation in the HASIKO FLOW.


I’m not very fit or flexible, can I do the strength part of the class?


Absolutely! The HASIKO Flow is suitable for all levels. Listen to your body and work with it to do what you can. You’ll find that with consistent practice, the movement part gets easier. The HASIKO FLOW is about connecting with, strengthening, and nourishing your body in a kind manner. 


Are your programs for women only?


Although we've designed the 28-day Stress Resilience Program for women in mind, we've had men sign up, enjoy, and benefit immensely from the program too.  The HASIKO FLOW practices and corporate wellness programs are gender neutral and is designed to benefit anyone who wants to build resilience to stress, and a strong body and still mind. 


Do you do corporate classes?


Yes, we conduct HASIKO FLOW classes and Stress Resilience programs for corporates as an in-house program and at conferences. If you are seeking a stress resilience program for your team or employees, we have a comprehensive 4-week Stress Resilience Program designed to empower your people with the knowledge and the ability to create habits that will help them be healthier and effectively manage their stress levels in their daily life.


Please see our Employee Well-Being page or reach out to us at contact@hasiko.co to discuss your corporate wellness needs.