HASIKO has been a journey of discovering how we can help women build a strong foundation of well-being and effectively manage their stress. And we’ve realised that it starts with building both physical and emotional resilience.


Physical resilience is more than how fit you are. It’s your body’s ability to respond to the daily demands of life and recover from stress and illness. Emotional resilience is our ability to adapt and respond well to stressful situations without affecting our mood and internal motivation for the rest of the day.


As women today, we wear multiple hats and juggle so many responsibilities as a wife, mother, daughter, sister and professional. From a young age, we’ve been told what we should be, how we should look, what we have to achieve, and how to live our lives. With all these demanding expectations, it’s no wonder so many women experience burnout. It also doesn't help that our natural tendency is to put others first.


Knowing that so many women battle with stress brought on by the demands of their daily lives, we looked closely at how the body and mind works together in harmony. Little by little, HASIKO began to emerge. We believe that lasting change starts with understanding our beliefs, creating new ones that serve us, and changing our behaviour.


That’s why the HASIKO approach comprises movement that nourishes and strengthens your body, meditation that calms your mind, and a process of self-reflection that allows you to understand yourself on a deeper level. And we've seen the difference it has made in the lives of those who have tried our programs. It is enjoyable, doable and sustainable. Every woman, no matter her current state of health or stress levels, can do and will benefit from the HASIKO approach.


We've made it our mission is to help women build a strong foundation of well-being that allows them to be physically and emotionally resilient. From women who are overwhelmed from trying to keep up with an unrealistic feminine ideal, to women who know their purpose and are empowered to define what healthy means for them on their own terms. We want women to be able to stand up for their well-being, and make choices that nourish their mind and body so they feel good about themselves and their bodies. 


To healthy, empowered, and stress resilient women!



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WONG ZI EN, Co-Founder


A former banker turned wellness entrepreneur, Zi En believes in challenging the status quo. Her first venture was an online M&A marketplace, which has been consolidated into a bigger company.


Having experienced the debilitating effects of stress on her health, work, and relationships, Zi En realised that a lot of the stressors that women face come from the internalization of traditional gender norms and societal expectations. She has therefore made it her mission to empower women to define health and success on their own terms.


With her interest in health and well being, Zi En is a qualified Pilates instructor with more than 1,000 hours of Pilates and somatic training in Singapore, New York, and London. She is also trained in other modalities such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming.


She has worked with many clients in high pressure roles and who suffer from physical ailments due to their stress and poor lifestyle habits. Zi En strongly believes that having a healthy mind and body is the key to fulfilling our potential and living life to the fullest.


DAVINA HO, Co-Founder


After a decade long career in international finance, Davina is now transferring her business acumen to the world of wellness and focused on helping others achieve optimal health through physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Davina understands that not being able to manage stress well can have a destructive effect on your mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. Feeling totally disconnected and completely burnt out, she went on her own healing journey through yoga, meditation and nutrition to cure her own mental, emotional and physical blockages. She is deeply passionate about helping others live healthy and fulfilling lives teaching other high-profile and successful business people how to de-stress, feel at ease in their body and clear their minds. 


She is a big believer of meditation and living in the present moment and she teaches her clients mental and emotional resilience through meditation to look after themselves no matter whatever is thrown their way. 


She is currently studying to be an iRest® meditation teacher which offers deep relaxation for everyone and has been proven helpful in alleviating the symptoms of sleep disorders, PTSD, chemical dependency, chronic pain, and stress.