At HASIKO, we empower people to lead their best lives by forging strong connections with their mind, body and self. Because we believe that living well starts with feeling GREAT mentally, emotionally and physically.


People tell us we are more than just a fitness class; it's not what happens during the practice, but the sense of strength, clarity and calmness that lasts beyond.


HASIKO isn't like anything you've tried before, it's an indescribable feeling that you want again and again. 



What does HASIKO mean?


HASIKO means new beginnings in Basque. We believe that everyday is a new beginning with new potential.


What is the HASIKO FLOW?


The HASIKO FLOW is a unique 60 minutes movement for meditation class that is split into three 20 minute segments. The first 20 minutes is a high intensity low impact strength sequence that releases pent up energy from your body and mind. The second 20 minutes lengthens the muscles and releases stress and tension stored in the body in preparation for the final 20 minutes of guided meditation which brings your mind and body into deep relaxation. 


Is HASIKO a Yoga or Pilates class?


The HASIKO FLOW takes elements from both and other movement methods. Clients tell us it’s hard to describe our class to people because it’s not like anything they’ve done before. They LOVE our class because of the way it makes them feel afterwards and all in only 60 minutes. Try it yourself and tell us how you would describe it on our Facebook page or email us at contact@hasiko.co.


What do you need to do the HASIKO FLOW?


A quiet space where you won’t be disturbed as this is about you reconnecting with yourself. You just need a yoga mat and a block would be useful too. For the guided meditation you may find your body temperature drops so a blanket or jumper to put over you and perhaps an eye mask if you need one to block out any lights.


Where can I do the HASIKO FLOW?


We run regular pop-up events globally. Please keep an eye on our upcoming events page or join our mailing list to stay informed. We can also run private classes for more information contact us at contact@hasiko.co.  


How often should you do the HASIKO FLOW?


We recommend that you do the HASIKO FLOW at least five times a week and ideally in the morning so that you start your day calm, focused and grounded, but any time of day is also fine to the practice. Consistency is key.


I’ve never meditated before, can I do the HASIKO FLOW?


Absolutely, the HASIKO FLOW has been designed for everyone whether you are a seasoned meditator or a beginner.


I’m not very fit or flexible, can I do the strength part of the class?


Absolutely, the HASIKO Flow is suitable for all levels. Listen to your body and do what you can. With a consistent practice, the movement part will get easier. HASIKO Flow is about your nourishing your MIND just as much as your BODY. 




Project HASIKO is our 28 day online programme which you can do ANYTIME and ANYWHERE! 


Do you do corporate classes?


Yes we do corporate classes as well as conferences, off-sites and other special events. Please see our Corporate Wellness page or contact us at contact@hasiko.co. Project HASIKO is also available for companies to incorporate into their global wellness programmes anywhere in the world.