The HASIKO Flow is a unique method designed to develop a strong body and still mind in 60 minutes


The practice starts with 20 minutes of high intensity strength training, followed by 20 minutes of deep stretching, and ends with a 20 minutes guided body scan meditation to calm your mind for increased focus and clarity.


Combining techniques from several well established movement methods (including Pilates, high intensity strength and yoga) and meditation for modern day living, the HASIKO Flow combines the physical benefits of a strong and flexible body, with the mental clarity of a calm mind so you can live everyday to fullest.

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Tan Su-Lyn,

CEO and Co-Founder at The Ate Group, well known food journalist, magazine editor, cookbook author and mother of 2

"It has made me a better wife, mother and colleague (in my heart at least). Because the mental and physical stress is released. And the strength work focuses on building greater self-restraint and resilience. Perfect for my personality, schedule and lifestyle."


Mar Pages, 

Global Strategy Lead at Google, and editor of 2 lifestyle and travel blogs, Singapore n Beyond and Once in a Lifetime Journey.

"HASIKO has reduced my stress levels and helped me feel calmer and more grounded. The last 20 minutes of meditation gives my mind the rest it needs from being constantly switched on. I have found myself drifting away into a place of peace and relaxation during meditation, and that helps me get through my day in a better state of mind."


Ng Yi Xian,

Executive Director, EtonHouse International Group

"HASIKO has increased my body awareness and improved my posture. The increased agility and body awareness have also enhanced my technique and performance in free diving and rock climbing."

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